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Mold and mildew removal contractor Warsaw area Poland mobile 504 928 205

Nobody like`s to have mildew or mold in their home or work place, mildew is another word for mold. 

The perfect conditions for mold or mildew is normally a damp area or where there is a problem with moisture holdings are high. A normal place to start to see mildew would be in the bathroom, perhaps in the shower on the walls near the windowsills or anywhere where the damp will hold for a while. 

Mildew will start to grow and flourish wherever it stays damp or it is cold and has very little circulation, if you don`t have good ventilation in your attic, this can attract a condensation on your felt which will either find its way to the floor or to the timber beams which support your roof. 

If you have a vent in your bathroom please use it after you have showered or bathed or the condensation from your walls or window will start the mildew process and you will start to see signs of black mold everywhere. 

Please try the companies listed if you cant stop the mold and see If they can help you solve your problems.
 Molds are microscopic fungi that thrive on moist or damp areas to grow. They are part of the natural environment:

Molds reproduce through spores, which are airborne and thus can easily enter every home through open windows and doors. They can attach to clothing or fur or on your slippers.

Spores are like seeds that when they land on another surface, they start to grow provided that the conditions are right. If you try to clean up molds by wiping them, you are actually spreading more spores inside your house rather than eliminate them.

If you see whitish, greenish, bluish, or even dark spots on the walls or ceiling the place may have mold problems.

Mold can cause harmful effects to human health that might turn to allergic infections and toxic reactions.

 Mold and mildew removal contractor in Warsaw area Poland

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